R.Tech is an SME specializing in the industrial application of Computational Fluid Dynamics. The services proposed cover a large spectrum of applications, ranging from an expertise in the hypersonic flow regime (planetary entry application taking into account high temperature effects such as dissociation, ionization and radiation), to low speed applications, such as automotive aerodynamics and wind engineering.

Both in-house developed codes as well as public CFD codes are being applied, depending on the project needs in terms of turn around time and accuracy. In-house developed efficient supercomputing cluster technology is used to reduce the simulation costs to a minimum, and to assure a short turn-around time. Different solutions can be proposed: grid generation only, execution of the customers codes, or complete consultancy activities where the full cycle of grid generation, CFD, visualisation and critical analysis of the results is performed.

Grid generation for large complex three-dimensional structured grids is an area in which R.Tech is specialised using commercial software such as GridPro. A good quality grid is the key to accurate CFD solutions, which is the reason why GridPro is used internally for all consultancy activities. R.Tech Engineering B.V. is also the official sales and support point of GridPro for the Benelux and Nothern Europe.

Finally, R.Tech Engineering also offers high perfomance computing (HPC) software engineering services, such as the parallelization of engineering codes.